PALE brand block pallet




Robust pallet design to ensure maximum strength, structural integrity, and durability in operations.


Smart sensor technology designed to provide actionable data insight in your supply chain.


Proven to operate & improve efficiency in the modern high-volume, high-velocity supply chain.



The Story

The Pooling and Logistics Experts team is comprised of recognized leaders and experts in white-wood pallet management, rental pallet programs, and the technologies surrounding these operations.

Our industry experience showed us that pallet management programs were incomplete, inefficient, and too complex. 


A change needed to take place.

We came together to form Pooling And Logistics Experts (PALX) as an alternative pallet pooling solution that offers:

  • Flexibility in pricing

  • Service first based solutions

  • A quality pallet pool

  • Actionable data analysis and insights


The Problem


The Customer

The modern supply chain is a fast moving, omni-directional, highly fragmented network of producers/manufacturers, distributors, warehouses, transportation providers, logistics companies, and finally consumers.


This multitude of participants adds layers of complexity and a lack of visibility to goods moving through the supply chain. Add an aging pallet pool in white wood and rental pallets that continues to decline in quality and reliability and  problems increase exponentially.

This complexity and lack of visibility combined with poor pallets means that planning, operational goals, and true cost savings in the supply chain are not measured or managed effectively and millions of dollars are lost every year because of it.


The PALX block pallet shipping platform and technology are ideal for high velocity and high volume supply chain networks. 

These are typically geographically diverse, multi-site production/manufacturing operations with a large network of distribution partners spread across North America. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Food & Beverage

  • Consumer Goods

  • Dairy

  • Cold Chain

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Grocery

These customers prefer the robustness of a block pallet due to ease of access, increased strength, and overall durability

The PALX Mission:  To provide the industry's highest value solution with leading technology, service, integrity, and expertise.




The Pallet

  • Full 4-way entry from all sides is compatible with all standard forklifts and pallet jacks used in a warehouse environment.

  • Robust block design rated for 3000+ lbs unit loads and suitable for all types of standard warehouse racking.

  • Full perimeter base provides excellent stability in floor and pyramid stacking up to 5 unit loads high.

  • Quality lumber sourced from a select combination of wood species well-suited for demanding supply chain environments.

The Network

The extensive PALX pallet depot network is spread throughout the United States.